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June 13, 2013

by: Juan Castellón

When it comes to communication with your customers, it's a two way street. Whether your company is established and well known or if it's just starting out, one of the components that make up the key to success is communication. Over the past few months we've been working hard on improving the usability of our website, and have been working closely with our service provider to make our site work better than it has in the past. However, we realize that we need the help of those who use our website to help us make it better. If you have any suggestions on how we can make our site better, be it in the appearance of it or in how we help you get to the information you're after, please send them to

A website is how we can communicate with you, but as previously stated communication is a two way street. We thank you for your assistance in helping us help you!

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Latex in Mattresses

April 24, 2013

by Juan Castellón

Latex comes from two possible sources. Natural latex produced from the sap of the rubber tree, or petroleum based synthetic materials. L.A. Baby's Naturals line products are manufactured to reduce chemicals around your baby, that is why we strive to ensure that as many of our components are produced from natural renewable sources. In our mattress that contain latex, rest assured that we only use natural latex in them.

What is Latex?

Latex is the creamy liquid "tapped" from the rubber tree (hevea brasilensis). It is whipped, poured into a mold and then baked. The finished product is biodegradable. There are two main processes used in the production of latex which will produce latex foam of varying densities, thicknesses, and firmnesses. Our source for latex uses only the Talalay process in the production of its latex foam.

A Little Bit About the Talalay Process

The Talalay process involves multiple steps which result in a more consistent end product which is lighter and provides more comfort to your toddler's developing spine by relieving pressure points. Liquid latex from the rubber tree is whipped into an airy foam which is then poured into a mold. The mold is closed and air is drawn from the mold, causing the latex to expand. The latex is flash-frozen, and then heated to a precise temperature, as it cools it will solidify to a soft pliable latex that can then be used in furniture.

Virtues of Using Latex as a Comfort Material

The elastic nature of latex provides a sleep surface that keeps pressure points on the body from being pressed upon. Less pressure means better blood flow, so your baby wakes up cool and refreshed instead of clammy and overheated. The natural resilient properties of latex and the Talalay process create a consistent sleeping environment for a restful sleep, night after night.

Coconut Coir

After processing the husk of ripe coconut, fibers known as coir are produced that can be used for many purposes, brush bristles, floor mats, and in mattresses. For use in mattresses, the coir fibers are sprayed with latex to bond the fibers together and create sheets that can be used for padding. Select models of our Naturals line of mattresses features a wrapping around the innerspring made of coconut coir to prevent the cotton batting from losing its firmness.

Frequently Asked questions about Latex & Coconut Coir

Should I go with 100% Natural Latex or a Latex Blend?
While both are a great option for comfort, if your goal is to provide the most natural sleeping environment for your baby, we recommend you ask to make sure you get 100% Natural Latex products. Our coconut coir is bonded using only 100% natural latex, not blends. The latex that is used as a comfort layer in our mattresses is 100% pure natural latex.
Talalay or Dunlop?
Talalay and Dunlop are not different kinds of latex, they are different processes for making latex foam. All forms of latex (natural, blends, or synthetic) can be made using either process. The Talalay process generally yields a more “springy” foam with improved durability over the older Dunlop method. Our latex source only uses the Talalay process for making the latex foam we use, we use their 100% Natural Latex foam in our mattress.
What are some benefits of the Coconut Fiber?
Coconut fiber is a breathable material, which in conjunction with our mesh air vents help to keep the mattress fresh.
I (or my baby) have allergies, Should I be concerned about latex?
Most allergies to latex have been reactions to gloves, latex films, condoms, and other products designed to be a barrier. Barrier products are made from closed cell latex which does not allow the proteins to be washed out during their processing. Also the powders and lubricants used in these products contain proteins to which some people will react to. Latex foam, since it is whipped prior to being molded has an open cell structure. The open cell structure allows potential allergens to be removed from the latex when it is being washed. Our latex is rigorously washed and tested for safety and purity to ensure that our mattress is hypo-allergenic.
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